Autism Spectrum Disorders Diagnostic Clinic

Easter Seals Central Alabama has opened its Autism Spectrum Disorders Diagnostic Clinic. ESCA is partnering with Dr. K to provide psychological evaluations to our local patients.

The team for the ASD Diagnostic Clinic will use a multi-disciplinary approach.  The team consists of three entities: ESCA- Speech Therapy, Easter Seals Birmingham- Occupational Therapy and Dr. K- Psychological.  For your convenience, these providers will offer their assessment services on the same day at ESCA which is located at 2125 E. South Boulevard, Montgomery to prevent you from having to travel to several different locations.

The Clinic has no waiting list and feedbacks and results returned to the parents or caregivers within four weeks depending if payment has been satisfied. 

If you are interested in the Clinic, please call Amy Berry at 334.387.3281 and she will assist you with the appropriate paperwork.  There may be some financial assistance available for your child, please call us for more information and to get an application.  The assistance is based on need and you will be required to demonstrate this with appropriate documentation.

If you are interested in registering for the Clinic, please complete this  Initial intake evaluation form  and we will contact you with your appointment date.

If you want more information about Autism services and resources click here.

Scholarship assistance is available to Medicaid patients and others who qualify, please contact Amy at (334) 387-3281 for a application.

'Without the help of the ESCA Autism Diagnostic Clinic and speech therapy my child would have never said 'momma' for the first time' - Mother of three and a half year old Landon

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