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History of JCCD

In the mid to late 1970s, parents of deaf transition age students began talking to rehabilitation professionals about the fact that there were no services or resources for their children when they returned to the Montgomery area, after graduating from the Alabama School for the Deaf. They recognized the need for someone to assist these young deaf adults to find meaningful employment. In 1979, the Montgomery Center for the Deaf opened its doors to assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals in finding employment. It began as a satellite program of the Central Alabama Rehabilitation Center with 5 staff members serving 3 counties. In October 1984, the Center was named in memory of the late Janice Wolf Capilouto, who was the Director until her untimely death in April 1984. Janice's memory and her dedication to providing quality services to the deaf community was and is reflected in the name change to the Janice W. Capilouto Center for the Deaf.

Since 1979, the Center has experienced many changes and much growth. The Center has been physically located on four sites: Mulberry Street, South Perry Street, Monticello Drive and the present location on East South Boulevard. In 1990, the Center was established as a separate and independent Easter Seals Facility; thus Janice Capilouto Center for the Deaf—Easter Seals. The Center’s service area has grown from 3 counties to an established area of 27 counties, with some services available statewide.

Over the years, JCCD has experienced much growth and has provided endless opportunities for consumers through employment services, interpreter services, sign language training, community outreach and education. Staying alert and sensitive to the Center's mission, to improve the quality of life for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing through access to employment, communication, and technology services, has been critical to the success of JCCD. Because of the unique communication and cultural aspects of the population served, it has been imperative that JCCD maintain credibility, integrity and excellence in the field of deafness and remain faithful to the mission. The philosophy of the Center has always been being willing to seek out opportunities , take chaces and forge new partnerships to accomplish outcomes in the best interest of our consumers. This has required long-range strategic planning, patience, persistence and a belief in a guiding mission. Realizing the importance of addressing not only the vocational needs of persons served, but rather broadening the vision to the needs and desires of the consumer, as a whole person, has pushed JCCD to be progressive, imaginative and assertive in developing partnerships and collaborations and in pursing opportunities to continuously improve the array and quality of services available.

In October 2008, a financial crisis hit the nation and JCCD.  In order to continue serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities JCCD merged with their sister Easter Seals facility, Easter Seals Central Alabama.  This merger enabled JCCD to continue operating and allowed JCCD clients to continue to receive the services they needed such as employment related training and placement.    

In 2013, JCCD is proud to say interpreting services are continuing to be provided as well as support for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and Interpreting community.

A favorite quote of Helen Keller sums it up this way:

'Something within me tells me that I shall exceed beyond my dreams'

The Center continues to strive to promote and provide services needed to improve the quality of life of those individuals we are honored to serve.


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