Autism Resources

The State of Alabama recently launched a Web site to provide information about autism and autism-related disorders to state residents.  The site offers information for parents about services available to them.  Please visit 

Easter Seals is the nation’s leading provider of services for children and adults with autism. If you are in need of diagnostic services, please visit our webpage about our Autism Diagnostic Clinic right here at Easter Seals Central Alabama.

ESCA has also opened an Autism Family Resource Center which is open to the public.  This area provides parents and caregivers computers, books and other resource materials on Autisma and other disabilities. 

  • In early October 2009 the US Government announced that studies now show that 1 in 100 children have autism
  • According to Autism Speaks, more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined and that a new case of autism is diagnosed every twenty minutes.
  • In Alabama, about 30,000 people have autism spectrum disorders, an increase of 3,337% since 1990 and children lack the services provided in nearby states and across the country (The Birmingham News, January 24, 2008). 
  • The Alabama Autism Task Force recently identified those children with autism who participated in intensive early intervention services before three and a half years of age were reported to have significantly better outcomes than children who did not receive services until five years of age. 
  • The Alabama Autism Task Force recently recognized that early intervention programs for people with autism are estimated to save the U.S. Government and social services more than $200,000 per child by the time that child reaches adulthood (Key Findings, Alabama Autism task Force needs assessment study, June 2008).
  • The Task Force further found that on average a child in Alabamais not diagnosed with autism until they are four and a half years old, but most caregivers have not received a diagnosis for their child until six years of age. 
  • The CDC considers autism a disorder that is “an urgent health problem in need of targeted public health action” (The Birmingham News, January 24, 2008). 

To learn about autism please check out the resources below.

Alabama Autisk Task Force

For information about meetings in Alabama or other resources visit the Autism Society of Alabama

Autism Society of America

National Easter Seals resources on autism

Autism Speaks

The Centers for Disease Control Autism Information Center

The P.L.A.Y Project is a community based/regional autism training and early intervention program dedicated to empowering parents and professionals to implement intensive, developmental interventions for young children with autism in the most effective and efficient way.

Autism Research Institute

National Institute of Mental Health

National Autism Association

Autism Cares- resources and financial assistance for parents during times of natural disaster or catastrophic events

ReThink Autism

Autism Spectreum Counseling Center, Montgomery

Alabama Statewide Autism Resources

Autism fact sheet (PDF file)

Easter Seals and autism (PDF file)

Local Resources:

Family Guidance Center


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